Technical requirements

You can install TimelyScript on High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina and Big Sur.


The installer is a .dmg (disk image) file. ↓


Just open the disk image and drag the application into the applications folder.


Follow the same process as in Installation. And don’t forget the importance of making regular backup copies of your data. (data files →)

Installation security

When you open TimelyScript for the first time, your Mac’s security system (Gatekeeper) will tell you that:

  • The application you want to install has been downloaded from the Internet.
  • It has been examined and nothing dangerous has been found.

This message appears because we, as registered developers, have previously submitted the application to Apple and have been granted with a certificate.


The application is uninstalled by just deleting it from the Applications folder.

If you also want to delete the data files, you will find them in your Documents folder, in a folder called TimelyScript.