First run

When you open TimelyScript for the first time you will be asked confirmation to create a folder to save the data file:

  • Just click on the “Create “ button to create it inside your Documents folder.
  • If you want to choose another location, click on “Change folder” and select another disk or folder.
Vídeo: Select location to create the document folder

Data file

The folder you’ve just created is only for TimelyScript internal preferences and data.

  • Do not store your work or documents in it.

  • You can move it to another location. When you reopen the application, it will ask you to locate it.

  • It will also be used by other applications in the TimelyScript series that you may install later.

Test mode

When you download and install TimelyScript for the first time, the application starts running in “test mode”.

The only limitation of this test mode is the number of rows that will be exported from the script: up to fifteen random interventions will be exported.

All the other features of the application are fully operational.


The TimelyScript licence you have purchased can be used on two computers that you own. This allows you, for example, to install it on your laptop as well.

It works on both Macintosh and Windows. The data files are compatible between the two platforms, so if you change computers you only need to copy the data.