Dowliad with Edge

Microsoft’s Edge browser DOES NOT ANALYSE THE FILE you have downloaded to see if it is dangerous or not, it just assesses the number of times it has been downloaded.

TimelyScript is a new application, from a new developer, downloaded from a new page… so Microsoft can’t be sure if it’s reliable or not. In other words, you have to make sure you have downloaded it from the right place.

Probably, when the download is finished, it will show a warning in the download area, with a small menu, offering you the possibility to Keep the file.

Edge's warning about downloading
Edge's warning about downloading

1.- Indicate that you want to keep the file.

When you click on “Keep”, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen will show you the security data of the file:.

  • The full name of the application
  • The name of the publisher, which is the natural person granted with the certificate, in our case “José Ignacio Bracho Villagrá”.

If the warning window has this data, everything is going fine:

Edge's warning about downloading

2.- Click on “Show more “.

Now it will show you the option to keep the installation file.

Click on “Keep anyway”, and that’s it.

Edge's warning about downloading

In case you need more information about security

The TimelyScript installer includes a certificate that serves two functions:

  • It certifies that the application comes from an identified developer.
  • It certifies that it has not undergone any modification since we published it.

This certificate is granted to us by the international certifying company Sectigo .

Despite all this, Microsoft Defender SmartScreen - which is the security system of Windows 10 - will throw multiple warnings:

  • The application you want to install has been downloaded from the Internet.
  • Microsoft Defender SmartScreen does not know about this application.
  • This application does not have many downloads.
  • This application could damage your computer.

The purpose of these warnings is to draw your attention in case a malicious application wants to install something without you noticing it and this is not the case.

This certificate is our ID and cannot be FORGED or TAMPERED WITH.