Update 1.80 🆕

Publicado 15-09-2023

Minor improvements and bug fixes in the last release of version 1.x

This is the last update of the version 1.x before the release of version 2.0. It includes a few bug fixes and several usability improvements.

Problems fixed:

  • If a script includes any ampersand (&) in the text, the export function causes an error in two of the export formats (Estudio 6 and Plain text).
  • If VLC is already open, TimelyScript can’t load the video.
  • In the export window, uncontrolled errors occur if the user exports the script inmediately after opening the window.

Problems fixed on Macintosh:

  • When importing a plain text document with tabs, the script remains empty.
  • When closing the application on computers with Mx chip, a system error occurs.


  • Now, if you try to insert or split a line, clicking outside the characters list, or pressing the Esc key cancels the action and nothing changes in the script.
  • You can now manually adjust the width of the columns in the Scripts list. New widths will not be saved for the next session.

Minimum requirements change:

  • The Macintosh version is no longer compatible with High Sierra. Minimum operating system: Mojave.